Open Channel Flow NEMS Workshop

Christchurch 5th - 6th September 2017


The National Environmental Monitoring Standard for Open Channel Flow was released in June 2013.  The document details methods for measuring dischagre in open channels in New Zealand and can be found here http://nems.org.nz/documents/open-channel-flow-measurement/

Workshop Programme:

The workshop will be on 5th and 6th September.  Click HERE for further details. 

Who should attend?

If your organisation measures dischagre in open channels in New Zealand, we recommend at least one person from your organisation attends. 


Registration is now open.  REGISTER HERE 




General information

Apart from at the Annual Symposium, the NZHS generally runs 2 workshops a year, often in association with other groups or organisations. Workshops are a great way of sharing knowledge and discussing current hydrological issues outside the NZHS annual symposium. Topics have included coastal aquifer management, hydrology and wetlands, hydrological archives, etc.

NZHS workshops are organised when members identify a need for a forum. The need could include general dissemination of information, the discussion of topical issues and/or the need to find solutions to hydrology-related problems. Financial support is available (subject to Executive approval) to NZHS members who require assistance to develop and/or run a workshop.

If you wish to suggest a topic, run a workshop, or need more information, please contact:
Society administration.

+64 6 357 1605

New Zealand Hydrological Society,
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