The New Zealand Hydrological Society (Incorporated) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1961.

Our mission is

To further the science of hydrology and its application to the understanding and management of New Zealand's water resources by:

  • Promoting hydrological research

  • Promoting education in all aspects of hydrology.

  • Disseminating information through the publication  of a scientific journal newsletters and other appropriate means

  • Hosting meetings and conferences for the interchange of research findings, information and experience.

  • Any other activities considered appropriate by the Executive from time to time.

Who are we?

We are a mix of New Zealand and overseas individuals and subscribing organisations with an interest in water and its wise use. We are scientists, technicians, consultants, hydrologists, engineers, biologists, climatologists, teachers, students, resource managers, policy makers, and others.

What do we do?

  • Run symposia and workshops

  • Produce books on hydrological topics that are relevant to New Zealanders

  • Publish the Journal of Hydrology (New Zealand) twice a year

  • Produce the Society's newsletter, Current, 2 or 3 times per year.

  • Make scientific and strategy submissions to the New Zealand government

  • Partly fund appropriate travel grants for members

Why join?

  • Gain access to the latest New Zealand hydrological information

  • Receive the Society's Journal and newsletter (Current)

  • Access the discussion listserver with 550+ society members

  • Participate in upcoming Society symposia and workshops

How do you reach us?

New Zealand Hydrological Society, PO Box

12300, Wellington 6038, New Zealand.

Email: admin@hydrologynz.org.nz

Phone 03 - 928 - 0620

New Zealand Hydrological Society,
PO Box 12300, Thorndon,
Wellington 6144

Phone No.: 03 928 0620

Email: admin@hydrologynz.org.nz

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Our mission is to support and foster hydrology in New Zealand and elsewhere, and to enable NZHS members to receive advanced training in hydrological sciences. NZHS annually presents several student and non-student awards to its members recognising the outstanding contributions of our members to New Zealand Hydrology.



New Zealand Hydrological Society

PO Box 12300, Thorndon,
Wellington 6144

Call Us: 03 - 928 - 0620

Email: admin@hydrologynz.org.nz

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