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Senior Numerical Groundwater Modeller - Taupo, Auckland or Lower Hutt


GNS Science, Te Pū Ao, is a Crown Research Institute. Our core purpose is to understand earth systems and physics-based technologies and to transform this knowledge into economic and social benefits for New Zealand.

GNS Science is New Zealand's primary Institute for research on understanding groundwater systems and resources and is also recognised internationally in these areas.

We are seeking a Numerical Groundwater Modeller at the senior professional level for a permanent position. The appointment will be based at either our Wairakei Research Centre in Taupo; our Avalon Research Centre in Lower Hutt, Wellington; or the GNS Office in Auckland. The Senior Numerical Groundwater Modellerwill directly help to build our core framework of our groundwater research and consultancy in New Zealand.  This work will include research across some of the many topic areas directly related to hydrogeological investigations at the local, catchment, regional, and national scales, with the specific topics dependent on the skills of the successful candidate

The ideal candidate will have the following:

· A qualification of a PhD in groundwater modelling or a closely related engineering or scientific field.

· Experience in leading numerical groundwater modelling teams and projects.

· Demonstrated success in developing and leading successful research and commercial groundwater modelling proposals.

· Demonstrated ability to develop groundwater flow models (including integrated surface water and groundwater models) and coupled nutrient transport models; develop code for linking models and pre-processing input data sets and post processing model outputs; build mathematical models; undertake model parameter and predictive uncertainty analysis; and use the parameter estimation software PEST.

· GIS and Python coding skills would be an advantage.

· Ability to apply geology and hydrogeologic concepts to groundwater research and commercial consultancy problems, in particular in relation to water quality.

· Experience with local, catchment and regional flow system characterisation for resource assessments, groundwater-surface water interactions, aquifer characterisation, and/or water quality assessment.

· Quality scientific publication record and high level of commitment and motivation to performing quality scientific work.

· Experience in personnel and project management.

· Experience in marketing and business development with respect to groundwater modelling.

· Excellent communication skills, with the ability to make oral and written scientific reports in English.

Please refer to the position description for a more detailed description of the role and a list of essential skills.

To apply for the position, please visit,43367.html and follow the online process.

Closing date: 31 January 2022

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