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Kee Toebes Scholarship

During the inaugural year (2017), two NZ students attended the six-week intensive hydrology course held at Canberra, Australia. The course was coordinated and offered by Prof Albert VanDijk, Australian National University (ANU). Financial support from Professor David Maidment, University of Texas, Austin, Toebes family, NZHS and ANU covered all student expenses including travel.

The Society is happy to announce that Kees Toebes scholarship shall be offered for the 2020 edition of ANU Summer Institute. This is designed for young professionals, recent graduates and post-graduate students at the doctoral level.

Details on the Summer Institute details are available at,

NZ students are encouraged to submit their application form via Ozewex website.

Application Deadline: 5 December 2019

NZ student selected to attend the Summer Institute shall be considered for the Kees Toebes scholarship.​

Student applicants must be:​

  1. Enrolled in a postgraduate programme with a hydrological research project, in one of the NZ universities;​

  2. A member of the New Zealand Hydrological Society; and​

  3. Accepted to attend the Summer Institute.

These grants are not an alternative or supplementary source of funding for employers, and are not given retrospectively.

The scholarship is provided by the NZHS to further the goals of the Society.

All scholarship recipients are required to:​

  1. Present a seminar on their Summer Institute experience at their respective institutions; and​

  2. Provide a summary of their experience, within two months of the completion of the course, for publication in the NZHS newsletter, Current.​

For more information, contact Dr MS Srinivasan at

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