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Outstanding Achievement Award

Award certificate and a medal presented at the Society’s Annual Conference.
Recipient’s name recorded in the Society’s Archives.


  • Promote the principal objective of the Society to further the development of the science of hydrology and its application to the understanding and management of New Zealand's water resources.

  • Recognise outstanding achievement in hydrological science in New Zealand. 


The Award recognises outstanding contributions to hydrological science in New Zealand, as demonstrated by scientific publications, and/or a person's impact on the management of New Zealand's water resources. Recipient must be a financial member of the NZ Hydrological Society. The recipient will normally be a resident of New Zealand.

Acceptance deadline & processing

Nominations should be made preferably by 30 September. Nominations will be judged by a selection panel nominated by the Society's Executive. The panel may obtain statements from the nominee's referees and may seek additional comments from appropriately qualified persons. The Award may not be made in any given year if no suitable candidates are identified. Where more than one eligible candidate is identified, the Society’s Executive may make more than one award in any given year. All applications will be kept open for two award years.

Award winners

1980 – Andy Pearce
1982 – George Griffiths
1983 – Paul Mosley
1985 – Ian Jowett
1990 – Alistair McKerchar
1993 – Charles Pearson
1996 – Lindsay Rowe
2000 – Barry Fahey
2000 – Dave Murray
2001 – Mike Stewart
2003 – Steve Thompson
2006 – Andrew Fenemor
2008 – Hugh Thorpe
2009 – Vince Bidwell
2010 – Ross Woods
2011 – Earl Bardsley
2011 – Richard Ibbitt
2018 – David Painter
2018 – Murray Close
2021 – Uwe Morgenstern
2021 – Murray Hicks
2021 – Liping Pang
2022 – Jeff McDonnell
2022 – John Bright
2023 – Peter Callander
2023 – Dave Scott

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