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Services to the New Zealand Hydrological Society Award

Award certificate and a medal presented at the Society’s Annual Conference.
Recipient’s name recorded in the Society’s Archives.


  • Recognise past and ongoing contributions to the Society and the promotion of the science of hydrology in New Zealand.


Member of the Society for 5 years or longer, and meets one or more criteria listed below:

  • Has consistently been involved and contributed to activities of the Society including conferences and workshops.

  • Contributes and/or leads workshops on technical and operational aspects of NZ hydrology.

  • Has published in the Journal of Hydrology NZ and other hydrology journals.

  • Contributes to reviewing papers to the Journal of Hydrology NZ.

  • Active in promoting the Society including educational and hydrological training.

  • Promotes hydrological sciences and contributes at a local, regional, or national level.

  • The recipient will normally be resident in New Zealand.

  • Recipient is a financial member of the NZ Hydrological Society. NZHS members may nominate themselves or other suitable candidates for the award.

Application deadline & processing

Nominations should be made preferably by 30 September. The Society’s Executive will judge nominations. Each nomination needs to be endorsed by two other members of the Society (each with greater than 3 years of membership). The Award may not be made in any given year if no suitable candidates are identified. Where more than one eligible candidate is identified, the Society’s Executive may make more than one award in any given year.

Award winners

Awarded at the 50th NZHS Conference, Wellington
2011 – Lindsay & Jan Rowe
2011 – Paul White
2011 – Charles Pearson
2011 – Michael Stewart
2011 – Gillian Crowcroft
2011 – Richard Hawke
2011 – Eileen McSaveney

Awarded at the 61st NZHS Conference, Dunedin
2022 – Jo Dickson
2022 – Clare Houlbrooke
2022 – Mike Ede
2022 – Joseph Thomas
2022 – Maurice Duncan
2022 – Tim Davie
2022 – Mike Thompson
2022 – Raelene Mercer

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