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Early Career Scientist Award

Award certificate and $500 presented at the Society's Annual Conference.
Recipient’s name recorded in the Society’s Archives.


  • Promote the principal objective of the Society to further the development of the science of hydrology and its application to the understanding and management of New Zealand's water resources,

  • Recognise the contributions of early career hydrologists to hydrological science in New Zealand, and

  • Encourage publications of high-quality work e.g. via the Society's Journal of Hydrology (New Zealand).


The Award recognises the most significant contribution to hydrological science in NZ which

  • has been completed during the 36 months to 30 September in the year of nomination,

  • is a substantial contribution by the recipient to hydrological science (e.g., the recipient has published hydrological work published in a scientific journal or have completed their thesis),

  • has been carried out in New Zealand, and

  • has been published or accepted for publication in a reputable journal e.g. the Journal of Hydrology (New Zealand).

  • Recipient is a financial member of the NZ Hydrological Society. The recipient will normally be in the first 7 years of their career in hydrology. NZHS members may nominate themselves or other suitable candidates for the award.

Application deadline & processing

Applications should be made by 30 September. Applications will be assessed by the Society’s Executive who may invite advice from appropriately qualified people. The Award may not be made in any given year if no eligible candidates are identified. Where more than one eligible candidate is identified, the Society’s Executive may make more than one award in any given year.

Award winners

2021 – William Dench
2022 – Andrew Pearson

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