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Download the 2021 Technical Workshop programme and abstracts document here.


  • Welcome

    Helen Shore

  • History of Hydrology in New Zealand

    Charles Pearson

  • NEMS for Freshwater Periphyton and Macroinvertebrates

    Juliet Milne

  • Acoustic Doppler Devices and Number Nuances

    Phil Hook

  • High Frequency Water Quality

    Lucy McKergow

  • Nitrate Monitoring

    Lee Burbery

  • NIWA Rating Tank

    Alec Dempster

  • Essential Freshwater Implementation – Working Together

    Christina Robb

  • Increased Demand for Data and Water Quality Monitoring

    Micah Dodge

  • Surface Velocity Measurements – An Aussie Update

    Mark Randall

  • Exhibitor Presentations

    (5 minutes each)

  • Oteha Weir Have All the Fish Gone?

    Amber Taylor

  • Monitoring Piha Trials (and Tribulations)

    Jonathan De Villiers

  • Low-Cost Open-Source Monitoring

    Ed Clayton

  • Superficial Flow Measurement

    Graeme Smart

  • Tracing Water through Karst Systems

    Morgan Harvie

  • Unexpected Insights and Applications of Subterranean Time Series Stage Data

    Carl Fischer

  • Irrigation Network Efficiency Crucial for Ensuring Sustainable Water Resource

    Daniel Wagenaar

  • The ‘Drone Flow’ Project and Methods for Determining Surface Alpha

    Hamish Biggs

  • Monitoring Canterbury Lakes – A Clearer Picture of Murkier Waters

    Alex Ring

  • NRC Region-Wide River Flood Model

    Bertrand Salmi

  • Responding to Challenges of a Changing Climate

    Max Mackay

  • Calibration of Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges – Expectation vs Reality

    Sam Edwards

  • Hydrometric Network Review

    Phil Downes

  • New Zealand Water Model

    Christian Zammit

  • Vietnam National Flood Forecasting

    Christian Michl

  • Optical Bathymetry Toolkit

    Matthew Gardner

  • Space Time Image Velocimetry (STIV) use in Southland

    Michael McDonald

  • A New AI Tool for Autonomous Underwater Weed Surveillance

    Jeremy Bulleid

  • Environment Canterbury River Network Tool

    Ben Throssell & Monica Jasper

  • Micro Purge Techniques for Groundwater Sampling

    Dirk van Walt

  • Evolution of Gas Bubbler & Dry Transducer Sensors for Accurate Water-level Measurement

    Nathan Tubb


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