Hydrology Histories


Dr MS Srinivasan

Dr MS Srinivasan, a hydrologist with NIWA in Christchurch and an Executive member of the Society, has started a new initiative of recording the times and memories of New Zealand's senior hydrologists. Take some time to read/listen to their memories below.


If you know people that would like to be involved in this project, please contact MS at ms.srinivasan@niwa.co.nz.


Hugh Thorpe

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Richard Ibbit

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Part One: Arrival in NZ – Early work
Part Two: Birth of TiDeDa
Part Three: Data Quality
Part Four: Early years of TiDeDa 1
Part 5: Early years of TiDeDa 2
Part 6: Electronic Recording System
New Zealand Hydrological Society:
the first 50 years, 1961-2011 with reports on New Zealand hydrology through the ages.

The New Zealand Hydrological Society was established in 1961 with 8 members and has grown to about 600.


The publication was in recognition of 50 years of achievement by the Society’s officers and members.