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2022 Video Presentations 

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Bridget Scanlon
Importance of Climate and Humans on Water Storage Changes using GRACE Satellit
Scott Wilson
Structural Controls On Groundwater Recharge From Braided Rivers
Leanne Morgan / Alice Sai Louie
Quantifying Losses From Braided Rivers Using Active Distributed Temperature Sensing
Sam Yeo
Groundwater - Surface Water Interaction At The Kauru River, North Otago
Thomas Wöhling
Model-Based Hypotheses Testing For Structural Controls Of Braided River Water Exchange:
The Wairau River
Lawrence Kees
The Impact Of Climate And Soil Data Input Uncertainty In Hydrological Model Performance 
Olaf Morgenstern 
Comparison Of Arctic And Antarctic Stratospheric Climates In Chemistry
Versus No-Chemistry Climate Models
Richard Mckenzie 
UV Changes Due To Daily And Seasonal Variability In Ozone
Laura Revell 
Influence Of Ozone Forcing On. 21st Century Southern Hemisphere Surface
Westerlies In Cmip6 Models
Yusuf Bhatti  
Influences Of Antarctic Ozone Depletion On Southern Ocean Aerosols
Matt Wilkins 
Viability Of Consents Under Climate Scenarios Using Hydrodesk

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Grant Hose
Optimising Methods For Sampling Groundwater Ecosystems For Environmental Impact
Assessments And Routine Monitoring
John Hadfield
Waikato Groundwater Quality And Management Response Efficacy
Ben Wilkins
Using Principal Component Analysis And Hierarchichal Cluster Analysis To Explore
Groundwater Quality Data Sets

Thursday 8 December 2022

Graeme Smart
Recent Flood Disasters – The Exceptional Phenomenon of Global Watering
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